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Why Blindocar® ?

Tecnogen Srl work in the security sector from more than 27 years. This fact has allowed us to acquire a high level of know-how in putting the condition of create products unique in the world.
Each of our products employs a high standard of technical skills - scientific , based on the high competence of our products. designers, and business organization of type "craft" careful spasmodically the manufacture and subsequent testing, thanks to its workers.

is no coincidence that we are a ' company certified by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Italian and not by a certifying body "private", which in addition to attest to the ns. quality standards of production, has also granted permission to the mass production of devices.

All this to guarantee our. customers on the quality and safety of our products. products.

ns. technical solution adopted for the design, has been to mechanically lock the steering shaft under the dash, to the height of the pedals of the vehicle and not above as " additional lock" understandable reasons of legality and security.

The brand BLINDOCAR ® BLOCK SYSTEM is a winning solution application technique, the core business of our company. activities, supported by the choice of thousands of customers who have purchased our. alarms, summarized in 5 points:

1) Do not install devices on the "tank steering" (under the steering wheel), but directly on the axis of steering under the dash to the height of the pedals. In practice, such a technical choice, in case of a violent attack by a thief stubborn, would result in the possible rupture of the steering axle, preventing both the guide that is its possible entrainment of the vehicle; meanwhile, a device installed directly on the steering tank (under the steering wheel), lead to the breakup of the single provable tank steering with a possible removal of the device, leaving intact the steering axis also allowing the thief to drive and / or drag the vehicle.

2) components applied to the steering column through holes and solder leads to the extreme difficulty of making robust and therefore resistant to attack by a thief, the locking devices. Fact that necessarily implies that the same have reduced sizes and are constructed of the same material of the tank top of the steering on which are welded (aluminum alloys extremely fragile). In contrast, using only components that are applied directly on the axis of the steering under the dashboard, allows the device to be extremely robust, well proportioned mechanically and hardly avoidable.

3) Do not make changes to the application of the device and / or mechanical alterations to the organs of the guidance system of the vehicle, which would result in non-compliance with type-approval of the vehicle itself, exposing the owner to possible seizure of the vehicle by the police, the invalidate the warranty of the manufacturer and the possible loss of the safety steering column and its organs. The system Blindocar Block ® System, as well as having obtained International Approvals (Form Electronic), thanks to its location of installation, will not do any modification and / or mechanical alterations in any organ.

4) Devices installed on the dashboard or under the steering wheel, they are comfortable for the user to enter, but do not offer any form of physical impediment to the possible thief who groped wanted to remove them, on the contrary if the same were to operate on a device installed under the dashboard to the height of the pedals, would have considerable physical impediments that would force both to the limited space between the steering axis and the driver's seat and for both the location of the device, to operate outside of the vehicle in a position squatting with the door open.

5) Provide an option to the buyer, to retrieve the device in case of replacement of the vehicle. All devices that require soldering to install them, do not allow the buyer the recovery and re-installation of a new vehicle, causing the loss of obvious economic benefits for the same;

This, in addition to advanced technology, to 'extreme quality, reliability and ease of use of our products. products, is a strong element of characterization ns. brand, allowing us to differentiate ourselves from all our. competition.

In addition, all ns. products are protected by strong patents.

The Alarm that goes' a Steal

Security and Legality

Our burglar does not void the warranty of the car, past the revision of the car and there is no risk that the police being kidnapped. Our alarm is approved and certified.