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Burglar Lock Steering Spplementare

Tools used for the test



Usually the car thief does not have large technical skills, but often the market for car alarms is their first sponsor.

Thieves are not as smart as you can imagine, but I'm just practical.
In fact, not owning large technical skills (should be robbing banks) are forced to reach their goal fielding their experience "street".

We tested various products of our competitors, simulating the techniques of theft thieves also not trying to put the car in motion, showing how it is possible to do very well without.

In 90 seconds we were able to take away the car in test ............... Here's how we fact:

Avete mai sentito parlare di furto da trascinamento?

First stage time about 90 sec.:
1. Within seconds, we picked the lock of the door and we entered the cockpit;
2. we broke the lock as standard and any sirens;
3. off the parking brake and put the transmission in neutral;
4. by the push of another motor vehicle (poggiadoci the bumper) we have moved away quickly, hiding the car (even just a few hundred meters);

Second stage time about 8 minutes:
5. Once in a secure place by the possible view of the owner of the vehicle, calmly we opened the engine compartment lid replaced the control unit (immobilizer) of the house automotive previously purchased as a spare (or purchased in a burglary)
6. using the new key supplied by attacking it with duct tape to the antenna immobilizer, we have set in motion the vehicle in test, and we have moved away permanently.......................

This explains what is theft by dragging.


They consist of a cone that contains a lock and its device applied in a precise point on the steering column to which is first drilled a hole and then "welded" the cone in order to equip the vehicle with an additional lock. The choice of collapsible material (aluminum-based alloys) carried out by the manufacturers, greatly affect the strength of the rafts steering (not designed for that purpose ....) making the posts themselves extremely fragile and non-weldable. This stems from the obligation to comply with the laws that require manufacturers to adopt "steering columns steering" equipped with a system of collapsibility 'in the same column . The change is not done by the manufacturer is ILLEGAL and does VOID THE WARRANTY OF THE HOUSE CAR.

It also makes the vehicle not in accordance with the approval obtained previously by the car , exposing the owner of the vehicle to the risk of SEIZURE by the forces of 'order for non-compliance with type-approval and risk of not passing the prescribed review at authorized centers .
1 . For all additional steering lock used in the test , it was enough to pry with a sturdy pipe wrench or a simple tube of appropriate diameter , on the " armored " (the second steering lock ) that comes out of the plastic cover of the sleeve of the below the steering wheel, ILLEGALLY MODIFIED . Such action has caused the breaking of the steering head ( which by its nature is collapsible ) and the resulting violent removal of the additional lock , leaving intact the steering axis contained in the same boat , thus enabling the driving of the vehicle ! See Video.
2. Lacking on all the steering lock additional we tested, a system anti-cut, with a flex battery or a hand saw there was enough to cut with the utmost simplicity, and in a very short time);
3. being some additional steering lock fitted with tubular locks to 7 spines, known to be employed on pinball and video games, mailboxes, or unprotected tear / breakthrough, it was easy to open them and / or shagging.
4. Using propane gas canisters (type refill for lighters) or nitrogen for sale at any hardware store, which sprayed properly on the closing system, causing an immediate cooling to the point of freeze material. With a simple hammer, we obtained the crushing of the device, allowing the guide!

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