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Blindocar® Company

Tecnogen , founded in 1986, operates in the field of civil and industrial security , is transformed in 1999 into a limited in order to diversify its core business by investing in the automotive field .

• Thanks to the obtaining of certain patents related to industrial mechanical anti-theft systems for cars, trucks and RVs highly innovative , revolutionary and accessible to all , the company is able immediately to enter the automotive industry.
• This is how the mechanical locking system BLINDOCAR BLOCK SYSTEM ® , a cutting-edge anti-theft made ​​in Italy or for pure parochialism made ​​in Naples.
• Despite its natural competition immettesse poor quality products on the market and even worse illegal and warned to be installed by car manufacturers , Blindocar ® , is able to immediately find a place in the market that counts, managing to get great reviews from both insiders sector by the magazines .
• In 2007 was born the locking system MOTOMET ® for big bikes , single mechanical anti-theft , anti-robbery , and electronic , integrated in one product , which blocks the transmission of the vehicle, protected by a strong patent.
• On the basis of the know -how acquired over many years of success and true to the company's decision to carry out research and development, in 2012 the company patented the first device in the world : The IMMOBILISER AUTOMATIC MECCANOTRONICO IAM , for locking the steering fully automated including integrated satellite locator launched on the market with the name of BLINDOCAR ELECTRONIC ® .
• Due to the recognition of the enormous effort the company , to date the company can boast of the fact of being one of the few Italian companies to be certified and licensed by the production :

e di aver ottenuto dallo stesso Ministero dopo estenuanti prove e test sul prodotto,

in accordance with European Directive 95/56/EC with n. e3 * 74/61 * 95/56 * 7020 * 01 I-00 and also in accordance with Regulation 97 ECE-ONU 01 with amendment no. E3 97RI - 017020 Ext.00, recognized even by non-EEC countries, (such as the United States, Russia, Japan etc..) On the safety and operation of immobilizers.

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The Alarm that goes' a Steal

Security and Legality

Our burglar does not void the warranty of the car, past the revision of the car and there is no risk that the police being kidnapped. Our alarm is approved and certified.